How to split text for report?

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I have a list of comments I want to display below a chart (because they belong to that chart - come from survey as a “what else you have to say” input)

I wanted to utilize the new Reporting Nodes and hence created a component to hold all my ‘views nodes’ that go into the report.

Now I see that the table viewer does NOT wrap text but instead truncate it.

There also seems to be no option to do that.

I thought about string manipulation / regex and insert a line break char every 10th word or so as a workaround.

Am I overseeing something? From my gutfeeling, I feel the Table viewer is supposed to render properly whatever I give it.

This is probably something we need to fix, but what might be a good workaround for you is to use a Text View inside a loop with a Report Loop End. In the example screenshot below, the Team Description component only contains a text view that renders the text for one row in my table. The Report Loop End concatenates all the texts.
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Hi @kowisoft ,

there is the new String Format Manager – KNIME Community Hub node that tells the table how to display text.
There also is Number Format Manager – KNIME Community Hub and we are working on improving this part. Happy to hear your feedback. Your question in the other thread was spot on: Activating the reporting features of a component is not yet that obvious.


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