HTML Integrated within Reporting


I would like to integrate an html page (with javascript) using Highcharts.
The page is ready integrating the hicharts and all the dynamic thing.

Can I integrate it directly in the Birt report in KNIME Server? If yes, do you know the process ?

Thanks for the answer

Hello @trj,

I’m not entirely sure what your goal is, but I think you have multiple options that you could try:

  • If losing the dynamic aspect of your page is not a problem, you can put your html and JS code in a Generic JavaScript View, generate an image from that and put that into the BIRT report.
  • You can add some dynamics by using implementing Javascript in a Dynamic Text of the BIRT report, as discussed in this topic: how To save my HTML Report as pdf - #4 by Mokrani
  • If you want to send the report as an email, I would probably use the Send Email node directly with the html code instead of going with the BIRT-detour
  • maybe you find some more information in the BIRT wiki?

Otherwise I’m not entirely sure if its possible at all to add a complete (dynamic) HTML page to a BIRT report - possibly PDFs or spreadsheet files are created, which wouldn’t allow for dynamic content (readily).

Hope that helps,
best Lukas

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Hello @LukasS ,

Thanks for the answer.

I’ll try your second point. Because I need to keep it dynamic

Thanks a lot