hyperparameter tuning for string values

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I read the forum post about ‘hyperparameter tuning for string values’ (Hyperparameter tuning - #2 by julian.bunzel). I couldn’t find any other post on this. Is an extension (for strings) of the “parameter optimization loop” node a topic for further development?


Hello @ralf42 -

We do still have a ticket open for this (AP-11344) but I don’t have a timeline for you on when that might be implemented. I added you as a +1 to the ticket. Thanks for asking!

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@ralf42 you could revert to using (eg.) H2O.ai with the KNIME Python nodes which does support string Hyper Parameters like “categorical_encoding”. I have a Jupyter notebook somewhere with that and could try to pack that into a KNIME Python node.


@mlauber71 thx for your offer. I already have a solution based on python/sklearn/RandomizedSearchCV or GridSearchCV. I was looking for a solution in the knime-standard without an additional python-node.

@ScottF: thx for your reply - so i will wait.


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