i need to separate a Excel sheet then save it with a name from the inside of the sheet

I need to create a work flow, but I have no clue where to start, so I need to separate an Excel sheet in specific points and save it, and each one that is saved needs to have a specific name that is inside the document

(basically, I have a bunch of documents in one excel, each document having 10 rows, I need to separate them and then add the name according to a bunch of parameters that are in each document)
any ideas on nodes I could use for that, the main points that are killing me are the separation and the naming
thank you for your time

Hi @Bleck , I’m not sure I follow what you want to do.

What do you mean by “separation”? Are you trying to save excel sheets as individual excel files (or csv files, or text files may be) and saving the files with filename as the sheet name?

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@Bleck you could try something like this. Identify a row in excel and then split the data. You will have to modify it.

Or you could provide us with an example that represents your challenge.

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