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I have a column called ‘ID’ and this column contains ID’s. Every ID has nine numbers. But the problem is, that in this column is also a Text inside. But I only need the ID’s without a text. So, is it possible to create a second column only with the ID’s inside? Which nodes and settings should I use?

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Hi Frank,

check out Palladian’s Regex Extractor. (some more background about the node e.g. here and here)

With a simple expression \d{8} and the ouput option “List” you’ll get all extracted IDs:

Sample workflow on my NodePit Space:

Does this help?


Thank you. This node is not available in my Knime. How can I install this node?

Just add this update site URL to your KNIME preferences:

Then go to the File: Install KNIME Extensions … menu and there select Palladian.

Alternatively, you can also do the installation using the NodePit plugin, which makes it more convenient to install additional further extensions in the future (and give you access to features such as NodePit space). More details are available here.

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