Image to report produces thumbnail only in BIRT

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In my workflow I have Javascript Box plot and Scatter Plot etc. which I’m trying to export into a BIRT report. The issue is no matter how I change the configuration of the Javascript Nodes or ‘Image to report’ nodes, the BIRT report only produces a thumbnail image. My image is indeed a PNG.

I searched for multiple posts on this topic but nothing has helped so far. I also saw this post: BIRT - PDF Report Image Quality - #2 by ImNotGoodSry. But I do not understand how the ‘IMGPlus to PNG’ is to be combined with the ‘Image to Report’ node or the Javascript nodes as neither its input nor its output is a green box.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, just wanted to add that this happens when using the JavaScript Nodes. With JFree ScatterPlot chart I notice the image produced is not a thumbnail hence exported as a full size image to the BIRT report as well. However I would need to use the Javascript nodes only due to the customization. Does anyone know if its possible to change the image produced by the Javascript nodes to a PNG or to a full size image instead of a thumbnail?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MD123,

to use PNGs with high resolution from the JavaScript views in your BIRT report, all you have to do is check “Use custom image scaling”, adjust the height and width and set the radiobutton to PNG in the configuration dialog of the Image to Report node.



Thank you so much Marten. I’m sure I had tried that before but must have missed something as it didn’t work then. But worked perfectly now.


I have the same problem with image quality in reporting, I can resolve with your suggestion.


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