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I have created a work flow to compare analysis data from several measurements. Most is two factor and easily plotted together in a scatterplot. But I also need a line plot for each sample.
These are generated by a loop and Image to Table node. When looking at the output at the Data to Report node, all the pictures are present.

I would like these to go to a report in BIRT together with the scatter plots.

Scatterplots are no problem.
But the dynamic image function in the “Image” won’t cut it. (I only get the first image in the table.)
I’ve tried to follow the example in this tutorial: KNIME Report Designer User Guide
Using the “groups” function in “table” still doesn’t solve my problem. I can get a number of different wrong solutions. (Same picture several times, pictures as text, etc.)

I’m a somewhat stuck at this point and would like to ask if anybody have suggestions? I would like the scatter plot with meta data on each page (solved) and the line plots in the same way (problem).

If I left out any necessary information’s, please ask. I am new to KNIME and this is my first post.

Best regards
Bjarke (DK)

Hi @BjarkePetersen and welcome the KNIME community forum,

Would you please provide your workflow with some sample data? So we can investigate your issue.


Dear Armin

Thank you very much for reaching out to help me. That is very appreciated.

Unfortunately we have a very strict policy here at DuPont. So I would get in trouble for uploading the true samples and workflow to this forum. Regardless that it holds no corporate information’s or trade secrets.
Therefore I have copied the relevant part and feed it some randomly generated data.
I am sorry for not giving the true problem, but this way reproduce my problem perfectly.

In short. When you see “View:Table View” in the “Data to report” node, there is currently 4 pictures. (This is an arbitrary number, so it just have to be dynamic.) These I would like to have on separate sides in the BIRT report.
My efforts end in “89 50 4E 47 0D 0A 1A 0A …” when I try to use the “Dynamic Image” in the “Table”. As mentioned in the first post, I also tried to follow the attached tutorial, and use “Group list” and Group on: Image. Still no luck.

I hope, I have explained the problem correctly. Otherwise, please ask me. I might have the desired information, but is simply unaware of its importance, due to my lack of experience.

Best regards

Showcase Dynamic Image (729.4 KB)

  1. Create a “Table” item

  2. Bind the image field

  3. Insert an “Image” item inside the detail row of the table

  4. Set the image form to dynamic and select the image data from the available data which is the data field(s) you have bound.

Here is your workflow with a modified report:

Showcase Dynamic Image Problem.knwf (731.7 KB)



Dear Armin

Thank you very much.

I guess it was rather easy for you, but it was a great help to me. I spend unnecessary long time to solve it my self.
The only thing from your description that wasn’t clear right away was the binding. So for future readers; You don’t bind through the property editor, where you’ll find a tab, that says binding. You right click and use “Edit data binding”.
Other than that, Armin explains it perfectly.

Thank you again.

Best regards


Actually it is possible to add data fields from “Binding” tab in table properties or by right clicking and selecting “Edit data binding”.

Both work the same.


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