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For the Just KNIME It challenge this week I made a video in AVI format using the -Image Writer- node.

Using a chunk loop, I made 721 images, converted them to ImgPlus, transposed and used the -Merger- node to create one image object.

I tried using the -Image Writer- set at 10 frames per second, which generated a video of 24 seconds. I also tried with 1 frame per second and this created a video of 4 minutes. I checked the image at the end of the video and it wasn’t image number 721, so the video was not complete. Is there a limit to the length of video that can be generated by the -Image Writer- or perhaps I need to change some settings in the node?

Here is my workflow:

Please may I have some help with this :slight_smile:


Hi again

Does anyone have an answer on this please? :slight_smile: Perhaps its one for the KNIME team as it could possibly be a bug?


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Hi @HeatherPikairos,

The AVI exporter seems to not work correctly when you set a lower framerate. I recommend you to try the NativeQT format. In my experiments with your workflow, it seemed to work correctly.



Hi @gab1one

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried increasing the frame rate for the AVI format but it still didn’t seem to work. However, using the NativeQT format allowed me to produce the whole video :slight_smile: So thank you very much for this!

Best wishes

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