Inconsistent Link Type Behaviour for shared components

Absolute links in shared components only look initially clean, afterwards they have a relative portion in it, which seems to break the update link in some context (likely related to this nested shared component issue).

When I first create a shared component the path looks like this:


Mountpoint relative th looks like this:


workflow relative path looks like this:


And now if I change back to absolute link, I see a relative portion (/…/) in the link:


To me it seems also that absolute and mountpoint relative links in the context of shared components create identical behaviour.

Hi @dobo

Thanks for letting us know! What version of KNIME are you using?


This is 4.1.1, as we can’t update yet before the server got the latest version

Hi @dobo,

yes, I understand that this absolute link with the relative portion in it is confusing indeed. However, I can assure you (I double-checked the code and tried it) that it is treated as an absolute link nevertheless.
Because your link
knime://LOCAL/Example Workflows/Absolute Link/../Component is internally simply treated as knime://LOCAL/Example Workflows/Component. That is, the /../ simply annihilates the preceding path segment and it really doesn’t matter whether the workflow group Absolute Link exists or not.

I created a ticket in our system to change how those absolute links are displayed.



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