Information integration

My friends, I have a zip file related to WhatsApp chat export.
As you know, this file contains a text file that contains the text of my chats, and next to that text file there are a number of files in different formats.
In some lines of the text file, the name of a file is written, which is the name of one of the files in the zip file
I want to integrate this information with the files through Naim, so that the corresponding chat is written in the output first, and if the name of one of the files is included in the chat, it is also displayed.
More explanation:
Sample file
WhatsApp Chat with Asli.txt (580 Bytes)

Example file

Please help me to overcome this challenge

I mean that according to the information that I have inside that file, I should have the output in the style of the picture below so that I can see it on the computer and I don’t need my mobile phone.
Thank you for your guidance dear ones

Hello @alex1368,

Is your goal to essentially have whatsapp on your computer? I believe they have ‘Whatsapp Web’ for your exact use case where you can just scan a QR code and connect your phone to your computer.

You should not need KNIME for this functionality. Correct me if your intent was to use a workflow to write it to like a pdf or report so you can print it.

Hope this helps,

thanks for your response
My computer doesn’t have internet access and I don’t want to use WhatsApp web
Also, if I get the pdf output, I can’t see the video and audio files.