Input node to choose a directory

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is there a node to allow input of a directory path? The File Upload node (Quickforms) is useful to allow specifying a file name, but I didn't find a way to restrict it to folder names. Is there a way to allow folder selection similar to the browse dialog provided by the List Files / List Remote Files nodes, but that just provides the folder name in a variable (for use in config dialogs of wrapped metanodes)??






I do not agree : the File upload Quickform can point to a folder just like it does for a file.

If you look at the picture in attachment, you return those values for varaibles :

new variable (URL)" (STRING: file:/C:/Data/) file:/C:/Data/
new variable" (STRING: C:\Data) C:\Data
knime.workspace" (STRING: C:\RH_work) C:\RH_work

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Hi Fabien,

so how do I disallow selecting files if I want to make sure the user selects a directory?