Request: Select multiple files or directories from File Upload widget

Hi. I’m using KNIME AP 4.3 and developing a workflow for the web portal.
I want to ask the user to select a directory on their local drive (or alternatively, multiple files within the directory), and the workflow would then upload all files in the directory (or alternatively, all selected files in the directory) so the workflow can process them.

The File Chooser widget looked promising, but it’s limited to selecting files or directories from a remote mountpoint. The File Upload widget allows selecting a file from the user’s local drive, but allows selecting only a single file.

Would it be possible to add options to the File Upload widget to allow for selecting files (note the plural) or folders? If a folder was selected, the files in the folder would optionally be compressed and then sent to the server. Likewise, if multiple files were selected, they would optionally be compressed and sent to the server. It would also be useful to allow to optionally include subfolders.

I note several past forum posts requesting this (or similar) functionality:

Thanks for considering this.


Hello @dnaki,

this is already on the list and have noted your request. (Internal reference: WEBP-732)

Someone will update topic once there is news about it.



Selecting a directory or creating a list of files from a local directory is a really essential feature for productivity on the KNIME portal/server. Is there any chance that we can expect a solution in the near future?
Or is there a work around avoiding the “List files” nodes (which is not working in a KNIME portal environment for local files).
A workaround might be to upload all files (perhaps filtered by a string) from a selected directory into a temporary directory on the server but I also could not find a solution for this.
Or is there a way to use an R script to point to a local directory (i.e. on the PC of the user) and create a list of files? Perhaps the server configuration needs to be adjusted to allow a path to a local PC?
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