Interactive Range Slider using Date&Time

Hello again,

Double question:

  • is there a way to have an interactive Range Slider Filter Widget that uses Date&Time instead of integers?
  • As I have no answer for the first question, I amb transforming the Date into an integer and I work with an Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget as shown. I need to filter my data first by a Date range and then GroupBy a column. If I do this, the Bar Chart and the Table View are not getting actualized automatically. Is there a way to do this? How can I actualize the view?

Thank you!

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Well… I think that was a difficult one :sweat_smile:

For question 1 I tried to use the long format of a datetime, but the Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget shows error working with long.

Hello @jquadrada,

can you try with Refresh Button Widget node with approach from this topic.

For more on new Refresh Button Widget node you can check this blog post:



Thanks, I’ll take a look at it

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Ok, after trying I have a problem. I have the button and my barchars but once I click the refresh button, there’s a message sayin that the button only works with the Chromium Embedded Framework. I change it from preferences and then no barchar neither refresh button appear…

Hello @jquadrada,

couple of questions:

  • what KNIME version and OS are you running?
  • Can you share View you are seeing when Chromium Embedded Framework is chosen browser?
  • Do you see any error/warning message?



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