Interactive value filter widget node (display correct Order and Search Box)

Hi Friends

I want to know about interactive value filter widget order: 2 subjects

1) It’s possible to sorter the values to display correctly in the view?

Interactive view only accepts string values
In the view component, the values are not in the correct order (print 2)
It’s possible to sorter to replicate on view?

2) Search box

Inside the configuration node, exists a Search Box to filter the values.

In the view mode (component). Is there a node or configuration to show the search box for the user to interact and display “select all”

I tried combo box, and the functionally works, but has no “select all” and the user needs to select one a one.

Hey @Felipereis50,
On your first problem, you can insert a ‘Domain Calculator’ node to fix the ordering for the view.

Sample Data I will use:
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.11.13

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 10.10.59

Result of using the domain calculator (ordered view):

For your second problem, it looks like someone submitted a feature request for having a select all button present. Another person replied to a potential workaround to selecting all using ctrl + a. See post below:

Hope this helps,

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Hi thor.

Using the “Domain Node,” from what you explained, I understand it could be a strategy. However, the values I use as filters are already in a table (they are Year and Month values joined). I could even create a separate table to establish a relationship (JOIN), but…I would like to know if there is another way.

I wanted to be able to sort the values based on another condition column (In Power BI, there is an option of “Sort column by”. Normaly, is used to the same type of problem).

202212 = 30
202301 = 31
202302 = 32

In this case, what I had in mind is that in the “Interactive Value Filter Widget” node itself, it would display the values in alphabetical order. It would be simpler.

Even when using the “Domain” beforehand, the values still remain out of order.

domain node


About the second item (Search Box)
ctlr+a is a good way to selected all. Thanks.

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Thanks for the additional info.

For the numbers not being sorted correctly, have you added the ‘Sorter’ node before the domain node? It should still work on those joined dates.

You can think of the domain calculator almost like a refresh for the table view when data is modified, in our case from sorting.

Sample data:
Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 12.20.25


Also, make sure to select the ‘PERIODO_APUR’ column for your sorter so it can sort based off those strings you have, and additionally, I would uncheck the 'Restrict number of possible values" on the domain calculator.


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Hi thor…

Yes. It worked.

Using sorter before Domain

The values are sorted in the correct order.

Many Thanks for your time. :fist_right: :sparkles: :fist_left:


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