Interactivity in Generic ECharts

Hi Knimers,

is it possible to filter EChart 2 by selecting some data points in Echart 1 in a component?
E.g. select some points in a scatter plot and see the distribution of those data points in a box plot nearby.

I did not find much documentation about echarts.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello @d3n1s
We had some brainstorm in the past about this topic of interactive charts within KNIME. The closest workflow -to what you can consider Interactive- I’ve seen, uses a ‘Scater Plot (Plotly)’ node for the selection. Required some chart reselect and a refresh button to update the chart view component. The author of this amazing workflow is @alessandro_mac .

This is a good post to start with:

The target chart view is highlighting the selection by color and size, in a standard ‘Scatter Plot’ node. I guess you can combine some other chart type like box plots (?)

Sadly, I didn’t had time to research forward about this subject. I didn’t have chance to play around with ECharts either; But thoughtfully, and based on rules governing over KNIME; I don’t see a better option to achieve a certain degree of chart interactivity.

Let’s listen updated ideas upon chart interactivity from forum colleagues!