Intermediate Results in a Loop


is there a way to check the intermediate results of a loop cycle in knime while the loop is running?

Unfortunatelly the results of a LoopEnd node is empty until the loop run is completed.



P.S. I know that with the feature "Do one loop step" you can loop step by step but my goal is to check the intermediate results sometimes when a very long loop is running. 

You can only check the results inside the loop (i.e. for example the last node of the loop body). Intermediate results do not show on Loop End nodes.

Thanks. Is there a way to store cumulative partial results in a file/table? 

Thank you

Yes, you could check for example the currentIterations flow variable and write the current in-loop table to a file with a Table Writer node. You can use the same flow variable to form a unique filename each time you write one to a file.

Once the loop has completed you can read back the written files with Table Reader to explore their content. For sure all this will make your loop slower but at least you can have some insights into how things are going.

I can think of other options, like using a Java Snippet or R Snippet node to serialize the interim results, or writing them to database. 


Ok, Thanks Marco

You can now do this using the new Vernalis Multiport Loop End node:

for details.