v1.29.0 - Multiport Loop End with table previews

We have just updated the nightly build to v1.29.0. This update deprecates 3 loop end nodes:

  • Loop end (3 ports)
  • Loop End (Upto 4 ports)
  • Loop End (upto 6 ports)

And adds a new loop end node - Multiport Loop End, which allows any number of table ports from 1 upwards by adding extra ports using the ... menu on the node itself:

You can preview the last 50 rows of the output tables (only available once the node execution has started, and not available once the loop has finished completely - you can look at the tables in the output then!) during loop execution:

The preview is a snapshot, which can be updated by clicking the ‘Update Table Previews’ button in the view. The view is also retrospectively available to the three deprecated nodes.

This is an often-mentioned feature (e.g. Intermediate Results in a Loop) which we’ve been thinking about for a number of years.

We will release it to the stable builds in the near future. In the meantime, if you find any problems, do get in touch. It is likely we will also update out timed loops and benchmarking loops similarly in due course.




This update is now available on the 4.3 and 4.2 stable build channels.


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