Is it possible to get input data for a node from output of a node without connecting in same workflow

Is it possible to get input data for a node from output of another node without connecting in same workflow?

We can do this across workflow, using Workflow Abstraction nodes(learnt recently, it’s awesome). I was wondering if same can be achieved in same workflow.

Thank you.

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Hi @Shubh

I believe your question is very similar or perhaps the same as in the threads below:

or may be this other one:

I made myself often the same question too, specially with complex workflows with long connections.

While waiting for a more formal solution for this, I use the following trick for the time being:

  1. A -Table Writer- node which writes the table in a local directory of the workflow. I also connect this node with the rest of the workflow using a variable connection at the point I want it to get it executed (synchronized).
  2. At the other end of the workflow a -Table Reader- node which reads the table and brings it back to the workflow. This node is also connected to the end of the workflow by a variable connection so that it is only executed at the right time.

In this way, the data is conserved from a point (1) to a point (2) of the workflow without a long connection, while keeping it synchronized with the rest of the workflow.

The following snapshot shows schematically how to implement it:

May be this could help in your case.




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