New feature ideas: Wireless connector or ghost nodes


I have been struggling with messy workflows for some time where the same tables are used across many nodes. Unsure if this is posted in the right area

When creating flows with many interdependencies the connector lines tend to create a messy overview of the workflow.

I have two suggestions to solve this:

  1. “Wireless” connector that can be toggled on/off
  2. “Ghost node” that is a reference copy of another node but can be placed elsewhere in the flow

Hope to see this in the analytics platform some day, it will really make a big difference

Many thanks


Yes, a very useful and handy feature (wireless connector), already avaible on Alteryx platfom.
What do you mean by ghost node?


The ghost node is thought of as a clone of the original node. So rather than taking a copy, you could have a clone of the node with the same output data somewhere else in the workflow, but without all the ingoing connectors and all settings are in the same.

Hello @mmcmcmc,

I agree with you and it is already on the list (Internal reference: AP-12016).



excellent idea.
you can add a +1 to your tracker :smiley:

Hello @docminus2,

done :slight_smile:


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I agree with the need for options to tidy up workflows - metanodes and components aside. In my experience with Alteryx however, I ended up just trying to look for the wireless input nodes - so wouldn’t call wireless connectors a perfect solution!

I have a couple more asks along the same lines (no pun):

  1. Another thought is if Eclipse has the facility of “layers” (like CAD tools), it may be an even more robust type of option than wireless. Besides the connector lines, there are so many checks and balances that sometimes need to be entered to ensure the data is doing what it is meant to. If these could be put onto layers, and toggled on/off hidden from view until selected, it would help cleanup workflows.
  2. Checks and balances are unruly to keep an eye on. Can there be a facility to keep all checks and balances together in one place, so at a quick glance you can see the data is what it is meant to be? In Excel there is a feature called the Watch window, which allows you to keep an eye on key cells in a separate window. Those cells can be labelled so it is easy to track. See image below:
  3. Row count by hovering over the output arrows of nodes - can these be toggled to stay on or off for specific nodes, or all nodes? Joiners and splitters would benefit most from these. See an sample from Anylogic just for demonstration purposes:

Hope these are considered useful features by others?

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Hello @supersharp,

here are my thoughts/comments:

  1. Not sure I understand. Can you explain it a bit more?
  2. Do you know about Node Monitor view? Although doesn’t offer row and column counters (yet!) can be used as indicator of what is going on with flow and data.
  3. Personally don’t like it from workflow visualization point of view but agree joiners,filters and splitters would benefit from it a lot.

Seems to me you could benefit from a “Workflow Monitor” view which can be customized to your need. Maybe this is not a bad idea…


Hi @ipazin

  1. For CAD models, lets say they are designing a house. There will be a layer for the wall, another for plumbing, another for electrical. You can toggle the layers on and off to see one thing at a time, or all at one go. This could be helpful for checks all over the place.
  2. Node monitor is great - for one node at a time. The challenge I have is I have to keep an eye on many nodes to flag when issues occur, so this means flipping between node monitor views. See image sample below. Right now, there is no way to keep an eye on all of these at the same time.
  3. Ability to toggle on/off the row counters might be helpful for certain nodes

Just my thoughts in terms of user experience :slight_smile:

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Hello @supersharp,

Tnx for additional explanation. Although still don’t understand how would first point be mapped to KNIME I overall understand much better what are you talking about. Will forward your feedback.


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Hi @ipazin,

+1 for wireless node connections, please.

Hello @larine,

request noted.


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  • 1 for wireless node connections

@Sivasanmugam done.