jfreechart nodes vs Javascript nodes


What is the difference between Jfreechart nodes and Javascript view nodes?


Hi Astha,

Javascript view nodes are the newest approach to data visualization in Knime. Arguably they look a bit nicer than JFreechart views, but most importantly it is possible to combine multiple plots in a single window. The plots in this window can “talk” to each other, for example one plot can respond to selection events in another plot. This way you can easily create an attractive “app” for exploring your data without writing a single line of code. These nodes can also pass on data selection events to subsequent nodes.

Jfreechart plots do not have these fancy features. However, generating Jfreechart views is lot faster, so you still might want to consider these if you have to quickly visualize hundreds of thousands of datapoints, or if you want to generate lots of png images of your plots in a loop.

Then there are the even older (I think) “local” view nodes; these can pass on selection events (“HiLite”) to subsequent nodes but they cannot produce png/svg images, neither is it possible to combine multiple plots in a single window.


p.s. you also may want to check out the Plotly extension.


Thanks Aswin.

This is helpful. I have to create bar chart. Is it possible to create so using plotly extension?

Hi @Astha

It looks like the Plotly extension does not have a bar chart - I guess the extension mainly includes plots (or plot features) that are not available as normal Javascript views. Why not use the standard Javascript view bar chart?


I am as of now using the standard JAvascript view bar chart only. But it does not work with interactive value filter widget. Plots in Plotly (like line plot) work with interactive value filter widget.

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Hi @Astha

Ah yes, that is a problem…

When I try to use the Interactive value filter widget like you intended:

…the value only gets filtered when I click “Apply”, close the plot window, and open it again. Not very useful, and it feels like a Knime bug to me.

Can someone from Knime confirm that this is a bug?

I recently had a somewhat similar problem and I posted it on the forum, but unfortunately I never got an answer: https://forum.knime.com/t/i-do-not-understand-nominal-row-filter-widget-behavior-in-a-component/31249/2

Actually, YOU solved my problem because indeed it does seem to work with the Plotly scatter node, even when it does not work with the standard Javascript scatter node! Thanks :smiley:



I was a bit confused in my last post. Here I explore every possible combination (workflow attached):

So I am still wondering what the use case is for the Nominal Row Filter.

KNIME_project6.knwf (37.8 KB)


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