JS Table View - Image Output

Hi Team,

Loving the Javascript views. And it’s convenient that we can save the charts as images.

I would like to see an Image output on the JS Table view node as well. This would we enable one to save the images of the tables and use them elsewhere. In some cases I would prefer images of JS table over creating tables in BRITE reports.

Hi Smurari,

Thanks for the feedback!

You could you the Renderer to Image node to convert any column in the table to the image format (such as png/svg). Next you can view it using the Table View JavaScript node.


Hi Daria,

I am asking if we can have an image output on the JS Table View node.
JS Table View Image.knwf (10.5 KB)
In the attached workflow I am able to save an image of the bar chart. I would like to save an image of the Table view as well.

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You could export the table as a PDF file and take it from there. I am not sure if there is a way of directly converting a table to an image but I am no report expert.

On another note. I added a way to force KNIME to export the image as a PNG, if that is of any help for you.

JS Table View Image.knwf (89.0 KB)

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Thank you for your input. I am looking for an image of the table that appears on the webportal(Like the one attached)

Also I have more than 20 tables and corresponding charts(bar, line, roc, sunburst, etc) on my web portal, I wish to save every chart and table to png images. I am able to
Can I please make a feature request for this. All other Java Script nodes have an image output except Table view.

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There is a way using the R package “gridExtra”

JS Table View Image.knwf (108.7 KB)

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Hi Smurari,

Thanks for the explanation. Indeed, most of JavaScript Views allow to generate an image. I will bring this feature request to the developers.



Thank you, mlauber71. Appreciate your input.

I have already tried these options. I had used python to create a table view. However The JS Table view is far superior in terms of appearance. Appearance do matter!!
Also it give us option to add subtitle, add row color, shows the number of entries ( pagination is great when there are many rows.)


Thank you, Daria. If the request is approved it would be a great enhancement. Look forward to it.

Hello sir,

I am new to KNIME. I have a sample input file containing data uri (SVG and PNG), SVG is showing properly using node Generic javascript view but it is not showing png image using same node Generic javascript view. Is there something that I need to change?
here is my workflow snapshot and result.

Thanks in advance.

You could try and use Table to Image and then an Image writer to ge a PNG file.


Hello Mlauber71,

Thank you for yor kind suggestion. The concept that you mentioned above not working to my workflow.
Here I attached my workflow.
I am very thankful if any other idea to solve this.
tablewithSvgAndPngImage.knwf (91.3 KB)

Thanks in advanced.

The problem is the data is not in the workflow you posted. You would either have to include it or save it without resetting it when doing so

Hello mlauber,

Thank for you kind reply, ah sorry for missing data file in previous description. Here I had post the data file which i have used in this workflow.
input.zip (13.5 KB)

Actually this is my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Has this been solved? I have the same issue…

Hello there!

Ticket to have output Image Port from Table View node has been created and requests noted.
(Internal reference: AP-15094)



Thank you. Look forward to the enhancement.

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The flow is showing this error, can you help me?

Hi @gabrielfs2 -

You need to check the location of R Home specified in the KNIME preferences, and update it. See our docs for more: KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration Installation Guide