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Hi team,

I have already few solution which are available in the forum’s. however i am not getting the output as expected.
[ {
“relation” : “Self”,
“range” : “18-35”
}, {
“relation” : “spouse”,
“range” : “18-35”
}, {
“relation” : “child”
}, {
“relation” : “child”
} ]

output expected:


i have tried the using json path also.


Note: it’s woking when i am parsing all the column together but i need 2-3 column to be parse.

Is there any other option please let me know.

tried links.

1-2 more.

Hi @Hammy

You can use a JSON Path and Ungroup node to achieve this.

Use the queries $[*]['relation'] and $[*]['range'] in the Path node and ensure that you have the List checkbox enabled.

Then include both outputs in the ungroup node.

Hope this helps!


thank you, ArjenEX its working fine.

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