KAP 5.2 Feedback

I’m trying to warm up to 5.2 since its inevitable that 4.x will be sunset as some point. I’m getting used to the new interface although I still don’t believe its much more efficient. The problems I’m having are the erratic, buggy behavior.

  1. I’ve posted this before but haven’t seen any improvement. Load times are extremely slow. I still get an error message that an antivirus is slowing the load. I have Knime whitelisted in my antivirus (Malwarebytes.)
  2. I’ve had problems moving nodes. Occasionally if I try to drag a node it jumps to a random location. If I select a group of nodes they won’t move at all. Reloading Knime fixes the problem.
  3. Today I saved a workflow and Knime emptied the configuration from one of the nodes (Column Expressions.) The node appeared in the workflow folder but not in the reloaded workflow.
    I don’t mind a measured roll on of features, but the bugs are really detracting from trying to learn and use 5.2.

I have reported this issue some time ago and have received the information that there is a fix planned but no date yet.


Mea Culpa on #1. I was running 5.2 on an external SCSI drive. When I moved it to an internal SSD drive load time improved dramatically.


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