KNIME Workflows Shrinking

Having loved version 4.xx, I found version 5.2 stimulating, but rather a shock. It has now misbehaved in a startling way.

Specifically it has started to display workflows (icons and text) reduced to a minuscule size. They are so small, in fact, that they have become unreadable. That makes what is usually an excellent software tool effectively unuseable.

It cannot have happened only to me. If anyone has (a) encountered the same problem and (b) found a solution to it, I would be grateful if they could let me know.

With advance thanks

Laurie Moseley
7th January 2024

For aficionados I am using a Macbook Pro running Sonoma OS lest that be relevant. I shall try a reboot and crossing my fingers. That should not work, so I would still welcome any advice from fellow sufferers.

It’s a pity that such a superb tool should fall down on such an apparent triviality.

With thanks

Still 7th January 2024

Hi @LaurieMoseley , when you say the workflow has been reduced to a miniscule size, do you mean something other than that it is zoomed out too far?

Assuming it isn’t related to the Zoom level, is this something that happened suddenly across all workflows? It sounds like it isn’t the zoom settings because from what you say I’m guessing it affects all workflows, whereas (I think) zoom settings are specific to a given workflow.

But, just in case… what is the current zoom level showing on KNIME (top right of KNIME 5.2 window)? On Windows the 100% zoom shortcut key is Ctrl+0 (zero), so I assume on Mac it is Cmd+0. Does that do anything?

Although I’ve not seen anything about this, and I have no other details, the fact that there was a problem with Sonoma displaying an inverted KNIME splash screen (caused, I believe, by a problem with Eclipse rather than KNIME), I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some other image/display related problems specific to Sonoma. But I should stress that this is pure speculation on my part

If you switch to Classic UI, does everything display properly?

Maybe upload a screenshot of how it looks in 5.2 Modern UI, so we can understand what it looks like?

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Thanks for the suggestions. Without my doing anything (well, at least not consciously doing anyhing), the problem has apparently just gone away. I’m relieved, but still baffled. Thanks for the offer of help nonetheless.

There are still occasional infelicities. For example, at times my mouse appears to be unable to pick up a node prior to dragging and dropping. The misbehaviour is intermittent and I have not yet spotted what the reason is. It is unfortunate for a tool which relies heavily on drag and drop - but I can continue to work with the tool.

So, thanks again.

14th January 2024

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