KNIME 3.7 Hangs in Windows 10

Knime Hang Issue.log (807.0 KB)


I have a work flow with a Group By Loop. KNIME hangs on me when I try to run all the nodes at once.

But when I run all the nodes before the End Loop Node, no problems. Following that then I run the End Loop node, it runs fine.

I have allocated 10 GB of RAM and my file sizes are only 650Mb. Using task manager when the processing runs, only about 5GB memory is used.

On a separate workflow with bigger file sizes, it hangs entirely and cannot work even with the trick I employed above. Is there some experts that can help me fix this ?

Thanks !

Hi - this has been brought up in other threads; there will be a fix in 3.7.1, or you can download a nightly, or you can patch it yourself - please see Workflow Freeze

Thanks ! Installed the editor and now it is working perfectly !

Great news!

There’s a second, similar, bug that people have also reported in Windows which happens when working with annotations in workflows that have a fair number of nodes and/or annotations. I’ve made a patch jar which encompasses both the looping fix and the annotation fix; the thread post about that is here: Workflow freeze & graphics problems with KNIME 3.7

The nightly builds will start containing that fix likely the first week in January.

(Just FYI in case you start seeing the annotations related freeze.)

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