Knime 4.1 Rename Input and Output ports of a component

Hello!, In Knime 3.x when i create a Wrapped Metanode, there is a “Description” section on ComponentInput and ComponentOutput nodes where i can rename the ports. Where is this configuration on Knime 4.1?
My old workflows still works and the ports are properly named after I migrate to 4.1 but I don’t know how to rename the ports of new Components or Metanodes.

Hi @rafrancoso, welcome to the KNIME forum,

There have been changes in the way of editing the name and description of component in/out ports. The new way is to open the component and edit by clicking the pencil icon on the description window/tab at the right. There you can edit the description of the component as well as the name and description of in/out ports. You can also change the colour and icon of your component.



Hi @temesgen-dadi,

Thank you for the quickly and assertive answer, I didn’t find it on the docs.

Hi @rafrancoso,

Actually it is well documented in the change logs here. Could you please mark my answer as a solution? Thanks!


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