Output ports Rename - Metanodes

Hello everyone.

I am posting this as a follow up of a couple of ideas that I’ve been seeing in the forum.

The ability to rename the input/output ports of Metanodes. We have that option for Components by opening the Component, then ViewDescription and then on the editing Pencil at the top right corner.

Unfortunately, for Metanodes we do not have that option. There is also a very old post for this that didn’t get attention.

When you open the Description of the Metanode it just opens the root workflow Description. It would be very helpful to have that option for situations like this:

There should be a quick way to differentiate the various similar node outputs.

This is my idea. Double click on the grey output bar inside the Metanode and open a renaming dialog similar to the Column Rename. This is just a Paint-made depiction of what I imagine.

@iCFO Also mentioned something similar in a resent post the need of an approach to rename outputs. Not only Components or Metanodes, but also nodes.


You will have my vote for this!


You combine that with the platform standardization output #s before descriptions and you have a winner!

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