KNIME 5.1 Bug Node "List Files / Folders"

The Node “List Files / Folders” cant find resources with the following configuration: “Files and Folders” + "Include subfolders.

Hi @petrich,

/ is the root. If you want to search in the current “working directory”, you can use the dot . character.

Hey @petrich ,

i think it is the same problem like in this post.

If you have Files and Folders in the Sub-Dimension of you Folders which has some spaces in the name, it would be not possible to read thema.
We have to wait until the new Bug-Fix-Release is out.


Agreed - this is a bug, having exactly the same issue and have to roll back versions to achieve the workflow’s objectives.

Dear @petrich, @Christopher_Lozano and @auto_salamander,

Thank you all for you feedback. Now we have this in our list to investigate.

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I suppose this might help. Albeit counter intuitive using a dot “.” or “…” should do the trick. Kudos to @mlauber71!