knime adding value to decimal

Hi guys,

Something really weird happened on knime.

 i have a excel reader node and there is a value for example 333333.33333333330, but something on knime adds the number five at the end changing to 333333.33333333335.

I am inserting this value on MySQL using Decimal(30,10) and the value get round up to 333333.3333333334 because of the value added by knime

would you know if this is a bug?

Thank you,


Hi Gabriel,

Could you maybe attach a sample workflow where this happens? I am trying to reproduce the behaviour. Thank you!



Hi Jeany,

sorry, it took me so long to respond.

I am trying to reproduce the behavior, but the only thing that i noticed about this error, is that the node "Excel Reader" sometimes returns a extra number after the tenth number of the decimal point.

I will try to build a test that reproduce this behavior and i will postit.

Thank you for the return.

Best regards,
Gabriel Sakai

Hi Jeany,

i know that is not related to this post, but i posted another different case that is also important to the project that i am current working.

Have you ever saw some case simular?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Gabriel Sakai