KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6.0 and Server 4.15.0 released

Hello Everyone,

Happy to announce that KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6.0 is now available.

The new version includes lots of exciting features, including a preview to a sleeker UI, new visualizations, and better Python integration. Access the videos here and “what’s new” page to learn more. Further, access the changelog for details on service requests.

Download the latest version and share your feedback. We would love to hear what your personal highlight is.

The KNIME Team.


Thank you for the timely release. Been anxiously waiting to see if the new update affects my key workflow projects.

Updating from my end, I was able to use the latest version without issues.


Great. But with little surprise. Version was 4.5.2, OS Win 10, desktop version.

  1. After upgrade, start window still shows that update is available.
  2. Post an error about backend file format. Say, Create table is not working. After changing format from Default to Columnar and restart issue gone. Change it back to Default restart - no issue.

You need to download and install the KNIME Modern UI Preview extension. Then, you should have a button in the top right of AP to switch between the old and new interfaces.

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Hi, I have installed 4.6 but I have received an error message saying “Failed to load the JNI shared library”. If you need any specifics please let me know. Many thanks!

Can you be a bit more specific about the error? When does it occur? What operating system do you use? Do you have a screenshot and/or log file?

For anyone wanting to learn more about this release, please join the webinar we’re hosting for a quick overview and Q&A on recently released KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6.0 & KNIME Server 4.15!

July 14, 2022
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC +2 Berlin
10:00 AM - 11:00AM -5 Chicago

Register for the webinar and get highlights on the latest version:

  • A preview of the sleeker UI
  • Better Python scripting
  • New visualization nodes
  • An improved Snowflake integration
  • …and more!

Followed by a summary of the community feedback and a Q&A with our experts, @carstenhaubold and @roberto_cadili. Come prepared with your questions and get a sneak peek into what’s coming next.

Register here


What exactly are the Java/JRE requirements for the server?

KNIME Server 4.14 and above require Java 11 (the “and above” was missing in the documentation). You don’t have to care about KNIME Analytics Platform because it always brings its own JRE with it.


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Recently install this and have been using for a few weeks without any issues. This helps a lot!