KNIME BIRT Master Page/Report Design Export/Import

Dear KNIME Team,

I want to export / import KNIME BIRT layout from another workflow, but i don’t know how to use.

I found that “rptdesign” can export to libary. Any material is talk about how to use this file?

Thanks in advance.



Hi @hwwangf,

Possible answer to your question can be found here:

Automatically Export BIRT Report to local path.
Does it helps?


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I posted some info on copying report designs between 2 workflows. However, you should make sure that all necessary fields are sent to the report before attempting to paste in the report file. This approach works better when updating workflow “versions” rather than trying to bring in another BIRT report as a “template” for use in completely different projects.

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Hi @aliasghar_marvi ,

Sorry, I want to copy KNIME BIRT layout and reuse. But auto export report also helpful ! thanks!

Hi @iCFO,

Thanks for provide reference, but it might be diffcult to beginner ,do you have any example?
I found another way is just copy workflow in workspace, it will works.

Thanks again!



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