KNIME cmd batch execution error

Hi all,

I am hitting this error whenever I am trying to execute flow at cmd.

Can anyone advice… TQ!

Hi there!

Exit code 4 means error during execution occurred. Is workflow executing fine in GUI? You have another Command Prompt that opened I think so maybe there is written something more…

See options and return codes from batch mode.



Hi Ivan,

Indeed I am getting a lot of error codes including the one telling me workflow did not execute successfully. However, it is running just fine when executing in GUI.

Hi -

That stack trace (the long spew of at ... lines) is “normal” and expected (and discussed here Knime Analytics Platform V.3.6 error in Batch Mode ).

The interesting errors relevant to your return code 4 start after the INFO main BatchExecutor line. It appears to be saying that the workflow that was saved and is now attempting to be executed from command line has one or more nodes that need a configuration specifying a source which had either no value or an invalid value specified. It also is complaining about a flow variable not being populated - perhaps this would be flowing out of one of the nodes complaining about its location not being defined.

When you say it is fine when executing in the desktop app, do you mean that you can:

  • start the application
  • open the same saved workflow you’re attempting to execute from command line
  • click the execute all button in the tool bar

and it executes all the nodes without error?

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Are you running workflow on the same machine? If you are reading some data I suggest checking your paths. That can be an issue.
Some nodes do report that they created empty tables. Should that happen? KNIME log is a file you want to check for more information.


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