Knime data science e-learning - even more basic training? - Finance professional of 12 years.

Hello - I apologize if this is the wrong forum or if my questions are very basic.

I am a finance professional. I just learned of KNIME and am playing around with it. I started taking the e-learning course but I’m even finding that a little confusing.

I see the potential of this but I’m trying to get to an even more basic level of learning.

I did complete one task using an example workflow of creating multiple sheets based on a variable which saved us already 2 full days in a year.

  1. Do I need to have studied data science or data analytics or computers?
  2. For example, I want to try and connect to a database - I don’t even know what database we use at work? how do I find that out? Ask IT?
  3. Are there more basic tutorials on accessing a database?
  4. Are there even more basic tutorials on data preparation?
  5. I’m googling every term and trying to find tutorials on my own but can anyone point me to some resources?

Yes I"m at that stage!!!

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@mayankgupta welcome to the KNIME forum.

No but it certainly helps. But know how is shifting so fast. If you are interested and invest some time and like using computers you should be just fine.

You would need to know what kind of database you have and yes KNIME can connect to most databases and help you access the data. You could have a look at this guide:

Then you could ask in this forum or of course google it

There are several ways to learn about KNIME.

One way could be to take the free Udemy KNIME Bootcamp course

Then you could have a look at some examples about databases on the KNIME hub

Or you take part in an upcoming course/event

Further resources could be

To learn about machine learning:

The Learning hub (also some whitepapers for more advanced stuff)

And then I would like to point you to my repository on the KNIME hub with a wide collection of small working examples that cover a wide range of topics:


Cool and thank you! - let me check these out. I’m behind a proxy so i’m sure of the links may not work at work but that’s okay I’ll keep learning. Just an eager beaver to put this to use!

Are there “finance” dedicated KNIME users? that would be pretty interesting/cool.

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