KNIME_Demo Simple XML Generator DEMO 3

Demo 3 of my Simple XML Generator component, written using a Python script to generate XML based on a "control table". This differs from Demo2 only in that the initial three column names of the Table Creator table have been modified, so we no longer require the help of the Control Table generator to fix the names

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Hi @takbb ,

thanks for sharing this worklfow - it works fantastic!
I am currently working on an XML File like in attachment.
U30_UStVA_Struktur (5).xml (3.2 KB)

The special case here is that I do have two row groups (INFO_DATEN and “ERKLAERUNG”) that have the root as a parent. Could the Control table provid that two? And if yes which settings do I need?

Many thanks for your response!


Hi @JonasK and welcome to the KNIME community. Also thank you for the kind words. I’m pleased to hear that you have found this useful so far

Unfortunately I’m away from my PC all of this week which is going to make answering your questions difficult. Is this something you need urgently?

I was looking to improve on the XML generator components but work kind of got in the way, lol …

If you are able to wait a while I will endeavour to provide additional information and/or help with your specific problem. It will be good to have a real world scenario with which to improve the XML generator.

Hi @takbb.

You’re welcome!

Actually it is not very urgent, but the target for me is to build such a xml like in attachment within in this year - so if you have time and fun I would be very thankfull!

Looking forward to hear from yoou!

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Hi @JonasK , do you have some sample data that you will be using as the source for the XML you are trying to generate? I’ll take a look when I am back and have sone free time, but the solution will ultimately depend on the nature and format of the source data. And while I’ll be looking to help by enhancing my component, others may wish to assist you by using the standard KNIME functionality for creating xml.

Hi @takbb ,

please find attached this xml. It is an xml published by the financial office of austria:
U30_UStVA_Struktur (5).xml (3.2 KB)
I found a workaround with the “Column to XML” node. It works, yes, but it is not as elegant and efficient as your solution because it is a lot of “manually node work” if you know what I mean. The XML Generator is much easier to handle by using the control table.

Hi @JonasK, do you have some the sample input data from which the xml would be generated, or maybe the sample/demo workflow you have already tried? It would be easier for me to work with something you already have than to try to make something up. thanks.