KNIME - Ec2 -> RDS Connectivity

Hi All,

We have setup Knime using the marketplace Server setup and I am now attempting to connect it to our RDS instance (MySQL)

I can ssh into the server and connect to the MySQL 100% fine so I believe there is no connectivity issues between the KNIME server and the RDS instance however, when I try to connect using either:

  • Database Connector
  • MySQL connector

Using the same information as when i connect from ssh (from the server) I get connectivity time out.

Now, I am new to KNIME and I am assuming that my local client, connects to the server which then connects to RDS, my local machine does not have connectivity to RDS only the KNIME Server.

Is there any way to debug this, whats going on here?

Its the KNIME analytics 3.6.2 with a newly spun up marketplace machine. The error I am getting is:

Database connection could not be validated: connect timed out

Hi @garthus,

Just to confirm, are you executing the workflow on your local machine, or on the KNIME Server hosted on AWS? It is possible to change the database timeout, but I want to make sure we change it in the correct location.


Hello @RolandBurger, I had the same prob and I’m executing workflow on KNIME server hosted on AWS. Is there a solution for this problem ?
thank you,

Hi there @syrine,

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Have seen you opened a new topic for this so let’s continue only there.

Closing this one.