Knime for web dashboard

I am researching for a tool that is capable of constructing web dashboards.
Graphs with filters data from mongodb through with a web page.
Is it possible worh knime and i which edition?
Community or commercial?

Hi @christoforos,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum. KNIME is exactly the right tool for that, I think! We call the concept data apps and here you can find more info about it:

You can build data apps with our free and open source KNIME Analytics Platform and even try them out locally, but to deploy them to other users you’ll need our commercial software, KNIME Business Hub:

Let me know if you have any questions about that!
Kind regards,


@christoforos you can build dashboards and apps with KNIME Components and also test them in a local installation. They can then work with the KNIME Business Hub (Server) as we applications

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