KNIME Game of Nodes

Hi all,

We have exciting news for those of you who like competitions and the idea of engaging in analytics battles of nodes and workflows:

Game of Nodes is the first KNIME data science world tournament where teams compete against each other to solve data analytics challenges. Of course, using KNIME Analytics Platform :slight_smile:.

A taste of Game of Nodes:

  • What are the challenges about? They include a variety of topics within data analytics: from predictive analytics to web scraping, AI applications, geospatial analysis, reporting, and much more.

  • Who can participate? Any member of the KNIME community –from newbies to expert users– is welcome to participate. Form teams (2–3 KNIME users max) and register your intention to participate. Looking for teammates?

  • When is it happening? February to April 2024. We’ll play qualifications, rounds of 16, 8, and 4. The finale will be played during the KNIME Spring Summit in April 2024.

  • Where is it happening? The tournament will be run fully remotely. The finale will be hosted as a hybrid event both on-site and online at the KNIME Spring Summit 2024.

  • Are there prizes? Of course! KNIME prizes await the participating teams.

More info:

:pushpin: DETAILS & RULESGame of Nodes

:pushpin: TEAM REGISTRATION (closes on Feb 18, 2024) → Game of Nodes . Hurry up, we have a max capacity of 50 teams! :wink:

Don’t miss the chance to make history as the winner of the first KNIME world workflow tournament! :sunglasses:

Happy KNIMEing!


Will the tests that are part of the “Game of nodes” be made available for download as a study resource for other users?