Looking for teammates?

Are you looking for teammates to join the KNIME Game of Nodes tournament, tackle data analytics challenges & conquer the KNIME Golden Node? :star_struck:

Comment below to scout your team of adventurers and don’t forget to complete the team registration form (closes on Feb 18, 2024)! :face_with_monocle:

Happy KNIMEing!

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Hey folks,

:star2: Looking for some awesome teammates to join me in this intresting activity. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’re all about having fun and making magic happen together!

Bit about me, I work as an analyst in a consulting organization and have been using KNIME for almost an year now. But the platform still surprises :blush: me with its features and capabilities.

:iphone:Drop a comment or shoot me a message if you’re interested. Let’s do this!”


Hi @Rahul_Singla_82, if you don’t mind having me as a teammate, I’d like to join hands with you on this exciting tournament.


Boa tarde caríssimo Roberto! Sou iniciante da plataforma Knime, tenho interesso em me juntar a sua equipe e desenvolver atividades interessantes.

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Oi @OSVALDO, desculpe, eu não falo português, então pedi ao ChatGPT para traduzir esta mensagem.

Faço parte da equipe KNIME e sou o mestre do jogo, então não participarei da competição Game of Nodes. Nos comentários acima, vejo outras pessoas procurando por companheiros de equipe, então você pode entrar em contato com eles para ver se gostariam de formar uma equipe com você.

Recomendo entrar em contato com as pessoas em inglês para aumentar suas chances de obter uma resposta. Além disso, observe que o idioma oficial da competição é o inglês (isso é relevante ao documentar seus fluxos de trabalho). Se preferir interagir com os colegas de equipe em português, tente procurar companheiros de equipe aqui: KNIME em Português - KNIME Community Forum.

Por fim, lamento informar que não podemos aceitar o registro de equipes com apenas uma pessoa. Portanto, infelizmente, tivemos que remover seu registro. Por favor, procure por companheiros de equipe primeiro e depois faça novamente o registro da equipe. Agradeço pela compreensão.

Feliz KNIMEing,


Hello, @Rahul_Singla_82. I wanted to inquire whether you are still in search of a teammate. If so, I am excited about the opportunity and would love to join your team.


Hello all KNIME members,

I would like to enrol on this new challenge and seek people to create a team or join one. I participate in both previous Just KNIME It. I’m from Mexico, so take in mind the different times according to each member, thanks.


:rocket: Let’s Dive Into the Game of Nodes! :rocket:

Got a knack for data science & ML? Let’s team up for KNIME’s Game of Nodes & make data dance! :man_dancing::dancer:

As a well known KNIME community member🌟 - think Contributor of the Month & top YouTube channel - I excel in ETL.

But I need YOU to round out our dream team. Together, we can dominate this competition.

Application cuts off on Feb 18th - so the clock’s ticking!

Why You?

  • You’re a data whiz with ML magic up your sleeve.
  • You love challenges & crave victory.

Join Us Because:

  • It’s your shot at KNIME glory with a seasoned pro.
  • Learn, shine, & expand your network.

Act Now! :point_down:

Send me a DM with your “why”.

Let’s make headlines at the Game of Nodes!


Hi, happy to join you if you are still looking for a teammate. I am pretty much new to knime and looking at this as an opportunity to learn.


Looking forward to connect and collaborate to compete for Game of Nodes competition.


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for teammates as well!

I am a consultant with some expertise in data analysis/optimisation/geospatial analysis but most I do is ETL. I’ve been using KNIME for more than two years.
I took part to the Just KNIME it! season 1 and part of season 2.
As for the time zone I’m based in Italy, if it matters.

If you like challenges and finding you way out of problems, we’ll get along easily :slight_smile:
Drop me a message if you are interested in joining the group!

Have a nice evening,


Hi rafello ,
I am open to collaborate … if its mutual… the tricky situation would be timezones as i am in delhi and office going so able to spare time post that…



@AnilKS, @lelloba and @justmattam would like to make a team, I don’t have problems with the time zones, the team is former with no 2 or 3 people, and Sunday is the last day for registering, I wish Sunday to complete the team.

Hi @elimisael,

Sorry, but Anil and I have submitted the form yesterday evening.


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Ok ready let’s do it

Thanks, Rafaello, have a good day, and congratulations to the team!!

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Good day, let’s do it then!

I am looking for a team to join. Please let me know if anyone has a spot in their team