Knime Hangs during execution

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I am using Knime on Windows server 2016. I am facing problem with execution of work flows. Knime is getting stuck while executing the nodes ( it could be any node, it stuck on different nodes every time). While its stuck, CPU usage is still above 95% but there is no progress. It stays there for hours and sometime, i have to end the process manually. Knime remains responsive during this event and i can still work on any other flows ( which are not executing), but i can not cancel the node which is not progressing.
Any suggestions…
PS: The node halted contains around 300 thousand rows only.

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Amir Aslam

Could you take a thread dump of KNIME using JStack while the node is stuck? Jstack is part of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and can be called like this:

jstack -l  <pid> > <file-path>

Also helpful would be the content of the KNIME Log, which you find under View -> Open KNIME Log… in the Analytics Platform.
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Only getting hands on the Knime logs will help us to isolate and then solve the problem.
It seems it is getting stuck due to being damaged or corrupted.

Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn
I have modified a flow to reduce the number of rows and till then its working fine… Will get the log if it happens again.
Amir Aslam

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Thanks man, i just modified the flow for a while and it is not getting stuck while optimized…


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