KNIME JavaScript View Error - Failed Execution

Hi KNIME forums folks, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue where the JavaScript View nodes are not executing. Seems to be an issue with the Java install so I reinstalled and restarted PC. Not sure why I am still getting this issue… any ideas?

2022-05-05 20_11_24-KNIME Analytics Platform

ERROR Line Plot 3:21 Execute failed: org/knime/js/core/settings/ValueStore

I have the exact same issue, I got no idea what’s going on

Hi @nickelms31 and welcome to the forum.

The first thing to try here would be switching from the bundled browser to CEF to see if that improves the situation. It would also be interesting to know if you see this issue with other Javascript view nodes, or just the line plot.

Apart from that, if you could provide the version of KNIME AP you are running, your operating system, and any additional information from the logs - that would be helpful to diagnose further.

@ScottF Hey Scott, yeah its on all JavaScript nodes and I have KNIME 4.4.0, highest version I can have with our KNIME server. I’m running Windows 10. I actually did try changing to that browser earlier but to no avail.

This is all the console gives me…

Thanks for the additional info. Let me ask internally to see what else I can find out.

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My friend ran the exact same workflow as me, but his plot node worked and mine didn’t, I get this error.

What about you @BBabu - what version of KNIME AP, and what OS are you seeing the problem on?

@nickelms31 is there any possibility to update to the KNIME 4.4.4 release to see if that helps? I know you are tied to your server version, but we generally advise against running initial .0 releases for production work as a best practice.

I will have to double check if 4.4.4 will work with server version. This may need a reinstall. I just didn’t know if a certain version of Java was required etc.

Updating to KNIME 4.4.4 worked for me.

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Great! Thanks for circling back to the thread to let us know. Hopefully this is something that will work for @BBabu as well.

I have KNIME 4.4.0 (my workplace requires me to have this version, it will be update in a couple of months though)

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