Knime Loading Error

Knime 4.5.1. I’m getting the error message below. It usually happens if I load Knime, shut it down and then try to relaod. A reboot usually, but not always fixes the problem.


@rfeigel first I would try to do a fresh installation. Then you might give us more information about your system and also the file system and environment KNIME runs on and a log file on debug level

If I do a fresh install, will I lose my preferences or installed nodes?

@rfeigel you can save your preferences and import them again.


The packages and nodes you will have to re-install, though you can also save a list of what you have installed.

Typically KNIME workflows would prompt you to install missing nodes and packages, you might have to have the right update sites configured.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Would be nice if I could do an “update” rather than a fresh install.

@rfeigel yes of course you can also do a update if one is available - question is if that would solve the problem when it might be a problem with the installation. Often it is something about the file system or access rights that might be a problem.

A new installation might just be the first step in understanding the problem.

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