KNIME SDK Setup for 3.6 repost


I reproduced the problems described in KNIME SDK Setup for 3.6. Since that topic is closed I am opening this one.

In the last days I noticed many warnings in the Eclipse console when launching KNIME from the SDK. First I thought it was my nodes but when I disabled the nodes in the workspace and only loaded the plugins from the KNIME target file I experienced the same issues. This was on 3.4 with this target file

I also tried with 3.6 and the in a clean workspace with only the three projects from the SDK setup. From the 2018 releases branch I used the minimal target This is the 3.6 release, not the nightly one. Unfortunately I am still getting the same warnings and suffering the slow boot.

In case it helps these are the logs:

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Hi @miguelalba,

I can reproduce the behavior that you are describing with master as well as releases/2018-07 of knime-sdk-setup. We are about to bump versions for the nightlies and will look into this while we are at it.


Hi Stefan,

I pulled the changes from the SDK repo and I still get the warnings. Is there any updates?

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Hi @miguelalba,
can you try the following ? It helped to improve the startup times for me:
Add the property:


to the VM arguments in your launch configuration.

This fix is from

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The warnings are new with Eclipse Photon, you can ignore them as they just point out resolver details.
What I also found out: switching to a fresh eclipse workspace greatly reduces the startup time.


Thanks Gabriel. Unfortunately I am on holidays but I will try to check it.

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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for sharing this with us.
I have Tested adding this Property (having a fresh workspace). and still, suffer from slow startup with the same warning.