KNIME SDK Setup for 3.6

Hi there,
I tried to follow the KNIME SDK Setup steps to get our nodes in a proper KNIME 3.6 environment but something went wrong.

  • I am on a Mac (Yosemite)
  • I have installed a fresh Eclipse Photon (4.8)
  • I cloned and imported the knime-sdk-setup-repo
  • I chose the target platform with minimal installation and activated it
  • I imported our plugins from the corresponding repos
  • I tried to launch KNIME via the launch configuration
    … and then the KNIME splash screen appears and it takes very very long (~ 5 minutes) until KNIME starts.
    During that time the ‘java’-process uses a lot of CPU (like 70% - 1 CPU with 4 cores and hyper-threading). As soon as KNIME starts CPU-usage drops back to normal.

I’ll add the KNIME-log and the Console-Output of Eclipse (but both appears after these 5 minutes, no messages before).

knime.log (269.7 KB)
console-output.txt (82.5 KB)

Can anybody help troubleshooting?

Hi @niederle,

Is the process only slow the first time you start KNIME Analytics Platform from Eclipse or also the second time? The first time really may take a while (>5min), as Eclipse is resolving all bundle dependencies. The second time it should be much faster.



Hi Christian,
it’s every time like this.


In your launch config, do you have the option [X] Clean Workspace (or similar) enabled? If so, can you disable it?

It is disabled.

Thanks to @gab1one, I realized that I was building KNIME nightly instead of KNIME 3.6. Most likely, that was the reason for the slow startup of KNIME. Changing the active branch of the KNIME-SDK-repo to the KNIME 3.6 release branch brought things back to normal.


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