KNIME Server -List of successful & Failure workflows, schedules for Last 7 days

Hi Team

Can anyone guide me how to fetch all the workflow status (manual & schedule) (both successful & failure) for the last seven days in KNIME Server?



Hi @narayanan

You could utilize REST API to provide status information about KNIME Server jobs, however it will only list jobs that currently still exist (have not been discarded after completion).

This forum post contains a potentially helpful reply on REST API capabilities: Send email notification when workflow executed via post request

Another option would be to parse this information from the logs with the help of an internal admin.

You could also enable e-mail notifications for KNIME Server jobs to collect success&failure info about executed jobs. This can be done from the Analytics Platform (right-click on a scheduled workflow → Show/edit schedule… → E-mail action tab):


Thanks Dora for the reply. The screenshot is to enable the notification for each of the workflows by the users but admin cannot do this.

We are part of KNIME admin and required to pull the list of user jobs report with successful/failure.

Hi @narayanan in that case as mentioned, information about jobs (including their status) can also be gained with REST API, especially the call below:

You can explore the available REST API options via the documentation:

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