Knime-server Small AWS AMI not working

Hi there,

I’ve configured an AWS EC2 instance with Knime server small AMI, I am able to SSH into the instance, I can see that the system service for knime server is running, knime is listening on ports 8080 & 8443 but I’m not able to access the webportal.

Hello @bhaveshachhada ,

I see that you also have another thread [1] in which you are working with Michael - is this related to the same issue?

Thank you,

[1] can not find the knime-server.config file

Yes Sir
It is the same issue.


I can see on your other thread that recreating the instance resolved the partition issue and allowed the webportal to work correctly.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.


Hi @NDekay,

Yes, this issue has been solved. I’ll definitely get back to you if I face any other issue.


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