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I have a Knime version 4.1.4.

I want to install the latest 4.6.0 Version. I cannot directly update it in the software by clicking Update Knime. When I try to install the new version, it asks me to delete the old version. But I have a lot of workflows that I use/need to keep safe. How do I install the latest version without deleting the existing Wrokflows?

I don’t want to export all the workflows and then re-import again. Thanks.

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@Sivasanmugam typically your Workflows are in a different location than your program files. So you can install and delete knime software without harming your workflow, just tell the new version where the knime-workspace is located. Update should work smoothly.

If you are on windows you can just download a new knime version as a zip file and extract that somewhere and have two version for some time. Although Workflows created in a new version might not be entirely readable in an old version.

Though it always makes sense to have a backup ready

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