KNIME SQL Server connection no longer working


I updated to v4.6 this morning and now none of my SQL server connections work. “Execute” is greyed out and I have an error message I do not understand:

WARN Microsoft SQL Server Connector 5:114:49 To register the driver go to File->Preferences. In the preferences go to KNIME->Databases and register a new driver for the database type mssqlserver by clicking on the Add button.
WARN Microsoft SQL Server Connector 5:114:49 Please register a compatible driver via the KNIME preference page. (For details see the log file)

I am not sure what this means and the instructions are not clear to me. I cannot figure out what to do after clicking the Add button as instructed. Can anyone in the know help? Most of my workflows connect to source data using this! Thank you.

Hi @JWebb

Closing and re-opening your KNIME should resolve it. This is a known thing with the V4.6 update.


How strange! I restarted at least twice (including once to try and get the drivers back) and nothing happened…but closing and re-opening has worked!

Panic over :slight_smile: Thanks!

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