layer-based Geospatial View: image output and other great things

Hi @tobias.koetter.

I’ve seen that you are going to plan a layer-based Geospatial View node for the next release. To make this node a perfect node for Knime Reporting, it would be wonderful, if you could also implement

  • an image output
  • option to integrate a legend (per view or grouped in one legend). Can be positioned somewhere on the layout (on the map, next to the map, etc)
  • option to position map credits on a different place than on the map. Maybe at the bottom of the layout?
  • for PDF export: export as SVG with optimized size settings (some PDF export libs create giant PDF sizes).

I’d be forever grateful :wink:

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Awiener -

Thanks for the feedback here! We’ve added it to our tracking system :slight_smile:

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