link an excell cell to a sheet

hey there,
I want to link some cells to specified sheets in an excel file.
Note : cell values and sheet names are the same and both cells and sheets are in same file.
is there any way ?

Hi @kolahghermezz

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Can you be a bit more clear about what your input and expected output is? Your question is a somewhat vague. Sharing a workflow, sample file, screenshots etc goes a long way since people are then more inclined to help you out :slight_smile:


Dear Arjen Ex
Thanks for your attention and so sorry if my question wasn’t clear to you!
According your suggestion here is a Sample file to review !
1- On this file there are 4 sheets (value1 - value4)
2- On the first sheet there are same values on A1 - A4 cells
3- So I want to link each cells to corresponding sheet

book1.xlsx (10.6 KB)

It sounds like a job for openPyxl

An alternative that you can try is try create a string =HYPERLINK(Value2!A1,"Value2") and put that in the output of sheet1.

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