Enabling hyperlink in Excel Through Knime

I was recently trying to incorporate a hyperlink in Excel. I used variable to table column and string manipulation to make the hyperlink since middle part of link is dynamic.
I tried using evaluate formula of Excel Appender and Also Continental Nodes XLS formatter.
Doesnt seem to work
Please see the image for reference

You need to manually press enter than only it changes to link. Any way to achieve this directly? since this will be connected to send mail node.

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Hi there @nd1992,

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here is a topic where this was discussed:

Back then there was no Continental nodes for Excel available so maybe you can make it work now without CSV Writer node. Give it a try and let us know how it went :wink:



HI @ipazin
Thanks for the reply. I actually tried with this. Doesnt seem to work :confused:

You actually can use the Python package openPyXL to insert Hyperlinks into Excel sheets - along with some other useful manipulations.

kn_example_python_excel_manipulate.knar (56.7 KB)


hi mlauber71
Thanks it worked.
could you please suggest on how to pass cell locations dynamically? I tried with variables. Doesnt seem to work

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You could use KNIME variables and insert the variable into the Python code.

kn_example_python_excel_manipulate.knar (61.3 KB)


Hi @mlauber71
Thanks for reply. This I tried and it works. Sorry for too many questions :upside_down_face:
But I tried for eg- ws[‘A2’:‘A5’] , ws[‘A2:A5’] , none seems to work . Basically i want to pass range of cells dynamically.

I think in general this ‘style’ should work:

Maybe it is best you toy around with what you want to do and read some blog entries. OpenPyXL offers a lot of possibilities but can also be complicated.

I think some planning and experimenting is necessary. This blog offers some insights into formatting:

kn_example_python_excel_manipulate.knar (65.8 KB)


Hi @mlauber71
Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:
I actually inserted a ‘for loop’. So that worked.
I will definitely toy around with other approaches.


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